Excise duty

Reduce your fuel and car operations costs

If you do business in the area of the personal or goods transport in the frame of the European Union, the refund of the excise duty can visibly reduce your fuel costs. You pay the excise duty for the fuel within the price of fuel in all countries of the European Union. But only in any countries (e.g. in Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Italy, Spain, France and Belgium) there the legislative enables the refund of some part of the paid excise duty, if the claimant prove the rightfulness of his claim to refund. Don´t you know laws in the foreign countries? Is the procedure of refund complicated for you? We manage the whole procedure instead of you. We help you to save 10 cents for one litre of fuel or up to 200 Euro for the whole tank on an average.

We are on your side

We provide you all important information about countries, in which you can claim the refund of the excise duty and in which amount. We register your company and cars in the relevant country, fill out your request and send it on. We will monitor the whole process till the successful accrual of the claimed amount into your account.

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