Refund of VAT

Do you do business and buy products or services abroad? Gain maximum from your claims back, gain VAT back.

Excise duties

Reduce your fuel costs. Make a saving of thousands Euros on refuel in countries that allow to refund the excise duty.

VAT registration and tax return

Do your foreign activities require the registration as a VAT registered company? You dispose the taxation´s registration and tax return with us promptly and easily in the whole EU.

VAT on passenger transport

Break free from all useless fines and inconveniences. Create more suitable conditions for your business.

Tax report JPK-VAT in Poland

If you operate business with our Polish neighbors, in addition to the tax return, it is also necessary to regularly submit a monthly JPK-VAT tax report.

We optimize and facilitate the administration of your foreign taxes

We deal not only with parts, but we solve comprehensively the whole scale of foreign indirect taxes with regard to the decision of the European Commission and to the legislation of the individual membership states. We will take care that you get back most of your claims and you will not pay any cents more than your real tax liability is.

The comprehensive solutions

We manage the whole process instead of you, we arrange all requirements and we advise you how to take an effective approach to your taxes.

Reasonable costs

You increase your cash flow with us, and your operating costs and the quantity of administration will decrease.

Free consultation for contractual clients

You can test the quality of our services. As our contract client there you can take advantage of free consultation.

Thousands of satisfied clients

We help our clients to familiarize with the tax liabilities and to enhance the financial situation in their company. This is evidenced by thousands of satisfied clients from the whole Europe, whose number is still growing.

Perfect knowledge of regulations

We dispose of the newest information of tax legislation in the EU. We master the international tax regulations and laws perfect.

Best prices

The period of execution from the request till the refund of VAT is 2-6 months. We guarantee the price during the whole time of the contractual relationship.

Opportunity of the prompt refund

We offer the opportunity of reimbursement of claimed amounts to our long-term clients within one week after the provision of the complete documentation.

10 years on EU markets

We are active on all markets of the European Union over a long period. We have our own team of tax experts.

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